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Your Customers Are On The Social Web.
Social customers love to engage on the social web to share, tweet and facebook. They are on the social web talking and raving about products, telling their networks how they are bonding with your company. On the flipside, your customers could be ranting with the examples of poor customer service or failed commitments.

These personal experiences of your customers are no more personal. Traditionally the private "customer service affairs" between you and your customers strictly remained to the contact center with fewer email or phone escalations. Now Customers have chosen to go to the public cloud to even post the first complaint or pass the anonymous CSAT reviews. This is the power of social web, and customer is at the center of demanding the most pampered service he deserves.

It can be overwhelmingly difficult to manage the social voices of the customers, and sneak into hundreds of social networking sites, groups, discussion forums and blogs. That's where our Cloud Monitoring tools tightly integrated with your CRM and other Customer Service Suites help you engage with your customers on the latter's choice of social platform.

Business Challenges

Business Challenges

  • The social web spurs conversations that can help or harm a brand
  • Meaningful, priceless market intelligence is available on the social web
  • Customer complaints can reach thousands of people within minutes
  • Consumers expect an immediate response regardless of the channel
  • Customers want to communicate with you on their preferred social channel
  • Customers can simply become unmanageable they keep posting on the web
  • Unnoticed social remarks can harm the online reputation of a brand for long time

Virtuos Social Cloud Monitoring helps you monitor relevant consumer conversations on the social web, prioritize your next steps, and follow up on the issue in the same way you would manage an email, phone call, or chat session. Plus, with Cloud Links, you can include links to social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Flickr in personalized surveys and outbound mailings—created using Marketing and Enterprise Feedback Software.

Listen and Respond with Cloud Monitor

Listen And Respond With Cloud Monitor

  • Monitors Twitter, YouTube, RSS feeds, Facebook, and your Community for relevant content
  • Helps identify trending topics for easier tracking and classification
  • Enables an automatic search schedule and notifies agents of new search results
  • Captures social accounts and interactions in a central contact record
  • Blends social interactions seamlessly into incident management workflows
  • Leverages CRM for customer insights and proactive, relevant customer communicationand Customer voice that build loyalty and drive revenue
  • Built on solid platform infusing knowledge across the social experience and providing
Get In Touch With Consumer Using Social Media Cloud Monitoring Tools

Get In Touch With Consumers Using Social Media Cloud Monitoring Tools

  • Connect to the growing number of customers on the social web
  • Increase agent efficiency by blending social media into existing contact center processes
  • Assist customers proactively in the channels they prefer
  • Proactively service customers and generate new sales leads from network friends
  • Grow your Knowledge Foundation with customer insights
  • Enable agents to handle the most urgent issues first for quick resolution
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