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Service Experience Management
Service Experience Management
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Design your ideal customer service experience. Implement it alongside the technology you already have. Roll out changes in minutes, not months. That’s the promise of Service Experience Management (SEM), and we deliver on that promise with Virtuos Service Experience Management. It’s a new approach, a new platform, and a whole new day.

  • Gives you complete control of the service experience
  • Works in real time to increase revenue, reduce risk, lower costs, and deliver consistent service
  • Supports all the service channels you’re already using
With Today’s Technologies   With SEM
Making even small changes to the service experience requires a huge effort from process managers and IT.   Roll out change in minutes, not months, by reducing the need for IT resources.
Systems don’t work together, so users must ALT-TAB through disconnected tools.   Orchestrate your existing tools into a seamless experience with one universal desktop.
Your users struggle to adapt to your technology.   Our Adaptive Agent Desktop tailors itself to the needs of your users.
It’s hard to find the right balance between customer satisfaction and cost.   Predictive analytics help you achieve all your business goals by optimizing each service interaction as it unfolds.
You have to treat all your customers more or less the same.   Segment your customers and deliver the ideal experience for each segment.

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