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Virtuos Experience Design empowers Customer Experience Managers with visual tools to easily assess their true customer experiences across all channels.

Creating unified experiences requires the ability for fine tuning and tailoring of every interaction channel to reach your customers and your business goals.

As part of our Experience Design, we undertake to work with highly customer focussed companies to refine their user interactions for consistency of the brands look & feel and exact behaviour they need for their chosen channels of interaction.

Both Visual Design tools for rapid development and Standard Web languages for further extensions (HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP) are available to develop unique offerings or tweak prebuilt interaction apps.

Experience Designers are included for:

Web Experience

Web Experience

  • Self-Service
  • Chat
  • Mobile
Social Experience

Social Experience

  • Communities
  • Crowd Sourcing


  • Online Reputation Management
  • Brand equity and perceived value from the market
  • Brand survey systems
Contact Center Experience

Contact Center Experience

  • Agent Desktop
  • Voice


  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Customer Feedback Management
At Virtuos Experience Marketing (XM) is a five step framework for managing the customer experience as under:
  • Understanding the experiential world of the customer
  • Building the experiential platform
  • Implementing the brand experience
  • Structuring the customer interface
  • Engaging in continuous innovation
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