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Loyalty Management enables organizations to create loyalty campaigns without the help of IT staff. It delivers a full range of analytics, marketing, and service capabilities that help you better understand each customer's lifetime value and design service levels and promotions that maximize the potential of all your customer relationships.

Virtuos Consulting can support your organization in rapidly realizing the full value of these benefits and in gaining a complete customer profile by providing a comprehensive set of services to help you efficiently and successfully deploy your Loyalty solutions using our proven implementation approach.

Business Challenges

Some Business Challenges

  • Organizations do not know who their target customers are? What is important to them?
  • What is the current customer experience?
  • What should your customer experience be to drive the kinds of loyalty behavior - referral, repeat business, willingness to pay premium, etc. - we need to achieve our business results?
  • How do we ensure that we deliver the desired experience consistently to customers?
  • Do we believe our people will be differentiators in driving the customer experience?
  • In the old system, the data was updated at the end of one day and this gave rise to an incomplete perspective of the customer as far as the business was concerned. So the performance of the loyalty program could not be monitored effectively by the business as there was a lag of one whole day.


  • Improve customer profitability by rewarding the "right" customer behavior
  • Reduce costs by automating loyalty management business processes
  • Maximize the effectiveness of customer interactions
  • Reduce expenses by having members update information online
  • Integrate loyalty programs with complementary partner programs

Our Customer Loyalty Services include:

Rapid implementation of a multi-promotion loyalty program across your channels.
Overview of how your business unit can help to administer the program and associated promotions.
Clearly defined scope and objectives based on a predefined set of features and functions routinely implemented.
Risk mitigation that enables key business process in a rapid, cost effective, and predictable manner.
Reduced implementation complexity by leveraging "best-of-breed," "out-of-the-box" functionality.
Project Resources

Project Resources

The integrated implementation team—including specialists in CRM & Customer Loyalty project management, technical architecture, business analysis, configuration, and data load architecture, as well as management, business subject experts, and technical team members from your organization—supports deployment success by combining CRM product expertise with first-hand knowledge of your organization's business needs.

How We Are Different

How We Are Different

Virtuos Consulting team is focused exclusively on Customer Loyalty Technologies, and we have the experts that others turn to for leading practices in Business software implementations. We know CRM & Customer Loyalty best and can provide your business with tightly integrated, comprehensive, superior services throughout your ownership experience.


Getting Started

Virtuos consulting practice includes Business Process Management (BPM) centered around customer facing applications and business re-engineering. As an Experience Consultancy our strengths lie in preparing the enterprise to adapt to the full circle of customer interactions using "information led" analytics.
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