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Virtuos Innovation Community captures the enthusiasm of your customers, so they can help you drive innovation, build your brand, augment product design and take your products and services from good to great.

Business Challenges

Business Challenges

  • Competitive pressures are building, and organizations must innovate to keep up
  • Customers expect innovation, fun, informality, honesty, value and care
  • Customers spend significant hours on research and conduct comparative shopping
  • Customers want to convey their wish list and contribute to product augmentation
  • Consumers are knowledgeable (and critical) about products and services they buy
  • Organizations must increase product quality while reducing R&D time and cost
  • Organizations can test and validate products by drawing innovative ideas from communities


Innovation Community helps you connect with your most loyal, knowledgeable yet critical customers - the ones with strong opinions and great product ideas. The application is fine tuned to fold customers into your ideation and innovation processes, so they can help you identify new business opportunities, guide your product roadmap, prioritize and refine ideas, and develop your next breakthrough product. Who knows your next product could be the source of your most knowledgeable customer's idea.
Capture Customer Feedback In An Online Community

Capture Customer Feedback In An Online Community


Our Innovation Community is fine tuned to help you engage and collaborate with your customers, offering a specialized set of features:
  • Ideation Center invites customers to submit ideas and vote for their favorites.
  • Concept Tester captures feedback to improve the quality of your product, packaging, ads, and more.
  • Discussion Forums let customers share their experiences to stimulate creativity and forge lasting personal connections.
  • Searchable multi-media resource library.
  • Moderator-controlled escalation to an incident on your agent desktop.
  • Powerful reputation engine to reward customer participation and expertise.
  • Robust moderation tools to help facilitate healthy conversation.
  • Integrated with CRM Solutions such as RightNow CX.
Accelerate Innovation In An Online Community

Accelerate Innovation In An Online Community


RightNow Innovation Community allows you to connect and collaborate with your customers, helping you:
  • Accelerate product release cycles.
  • Reduce research and development costs.
  • Discover profitable new ideas and business opportunities.
  • Get customer feedback quickly and cost effectively.
  • Improve the quality of new products and services before taking them to market.
  • Differentiate your brand by creating a culture of collaboration and openness.
  • Identify your most enthusiastic customers and turn them into advocates.
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