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Business Process Management
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Enterprise and Cloud based Business process management Solutions (BPM) enable Businesses to automate, manage, augment and optimize their operational, transactional and organizational processes to maximize productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.
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Behind every process management, there's a sophisticated software that works towards fulfilling mission critical business dynamics to meet the realities of the enterprise:

  • Business experts manage processes as corporate assets and collaborate with IT to develop process applications using a fast, iterative approach that delivers rapid time to benefit.
  • Decoupling process and work management enables the optimization of the people in the process by dynamically managing the work they perform.
  • Built-in support for workflow patterns allows processes to naturally adapt to people.
  • Enterprise data can be easily leveraged using business objects integrated with backend applications.
  • Business users have self-service access to the information they need to make better decisions.
  • In the background, IT addresses the challenges of enterprise-scale BPM by running the processes on the application platform — providing BPM as a "managed service."

The result: successful business ownership of process management while smoothly operating in an enterprise environment.


Virtuos consulting practice includes Business Process Management (BPM) centered around customer facing applications and business re-engineering. As an Experience Consultancy our strengths lie in preparing the enterprise to adapt to the full circle of customer interactions using "information led" analytics.
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