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Virtuos Corporation implements industry’s most robust Enterprise Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions built on open, industry-wide standards— making integration with your other systems easier and less costly than the alternatives. By integrating data from across your enterprise and delivering specific reporting and analysis, IT departments spend less time responding to requests and business users, spend less time looking for information. With the information obtained, you can generate scenarios, forecasts including statistics, predictive analytics, data & text mining and optimization— all in an integrated powerful and flexible presentation layer.


Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI)

Microsoft business intelligence enables you to create and manage information through an integrated system that includes core business productivity features, such as collaboration tools, search capabilities, and content management. The workplace becomes highly efficient, resulting in cost savings and low total cost of ownership (TCO).
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Business intelligence software from IBM connects people with information when and where they need it—from virtually any data source—so they can make better decisions, faster. With IBM Cognos Business Intelligence software you can:
  • Set targets, see results and understand what drives the numbers.
  • Create a common context for decision-making across every department.
  • Identify, analyze opportunities and trends.
  • Deliver trusted information for a single version of the truth.

SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence

SAS® Enterprise BI Server is a comprehensive, easy-to-use business intelligence software solution that integrates the power of SAS Analytics and SAS Data Integration to provide insights that power better decisions. It includes role-based, self-service interfaces for all types of users within a well-defined IT governance framework and a centralized point of administration. This helps organizations simplify and speed business intelligence deployment.
Oracle RightNow Analytics

Oracle RightNow Analytics

Oracle RightNow Analytics provides actionable insight empowering the frontlines to make better and quicker decisions. Fully integrated across all Oracle CX products, Oracle RightNow Analytics delivers full visibility across all customer touchpoints spanning customer service, sales, marketing, and feedback functions and across all interaction channels, by capturing, organizing, presenting and disseminating real-time actionable knowledgewith speed and flexibility. The result? A better customer experience, improved understanding of customers, increased operational efficiency and superior business performance.
Oracle RightNow Enterprise Analytics

Oracle RightNow Enterprise Analytics

As part of Oracle RightNow Engage, the Enterprise Analytics integrates data from multiple sources, providing managers and agents a single source of truth for all their business intelligence (BI) needs.

With Oracle RightNow Enterprise Analytics, you can quickly identify opportunities to optimize processes, increase customer satisfaction (CSAT), reduce costs, and drive other business improvements, leveraging an on demand data warehouse. This provides rapid time-to-value and a significant return on investment.

Oracle RightNow Enterprise Analytics helps you determine where problems started, pinpoint root causes, and take immediate, corrective action effectively, so you can deliver a superior customer experience across web, social and Contact center touchpoints.

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