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CRM Integration Services

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In any organization, integration of Software from different vendors who are specialists in their own field has become more complex and thus IT Executives face difficulty in making the right decision on a product.

The Virtuos Application Developers wing developed Relationware™ Application Builder Programs and Tools to provide an easy way to design and create applications customized to meet the needs of your business. Relationware™ tools act as platform for developers and business analysts who prefer to create solutions from scratch or customize existing CRM, ERP, HRM and other Business applications. Some of these offer simple drag-and-drop techniques to build robust, industry and business specific enterprise applications in a matter of days with no coding.

Virtuos also offers Web services integrations to other applications. AJAX technology provides the power for the Relationware™ Application Builder’s drag and drop features, offering the performance of desktop applications from a browser. The applications you create also take advantage of AJAX performance. Rather than reloading full HTML pages as other browser-based solutions do, the in-client AJAX engine dynamically updates only the portions of pages that need to be refreshed.

The challenge of every business is to provide employees with the tools they need to be successful. Relationware specializes in standard CRM integration services and flexible Web Services APIs based on XML/SOAP standards to enable custom integrations.

Whatever integration challenge your company faces, Virtuos has a solution to match your needs. No need to change to match our solution. We support your choice, No agendas. Integration Your Way. All from Relationware™ Integration methodology.

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