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Hardware maintenance services

Simplify management, cut costs and boost performance with onsite and remote hardware maintenance services from Virtuos.

Software support services

Prevent outages, accelerate issue resolution and meet service level requirements with consolidated onsite and remote software support.

Managed support services

Simplify support for multivendor environments, with comprehensive,integrated services.

Solution support services

Simplify support with single-source, integrated services for Virtuos and third-party hardware and software solutions that were purchased through Virtuos

Maintenance Services to ensure peak performance

Virtuos software support, hardware maintenance and IT asset management services have been specially designed to ensure peak performance even in a multivendor scenario.

Hardware and application maintenance and management is absolutely critical for every organization today and requires special attention in the Indian scenario. Virtuos team of highly trained technical consultants is able to analyse and simplify even the most complicated multivendor environments to bring down IT infrastructure maintenance costs and ensure quick resolution during downtime and unplanned outages.

  • Our India based data centre and support services ensure 24*7 support and enhanced support during local business hours.
  • Comprehensive hardware maintenance services designed for optimum protection even in multivendor environment.
  • Minimise downtime risk and protect business against unplanned outages
  • Improve IT staff productivity by automating or completely eliminating time consuming tasks
  • Service level options specially designed to meet Indian business specific service needs.
  • Experienced technicians and extensive parts network ensuring continuous operation of your organization IT infrastructure.
  • Reduce IT spend on infrastructure maintenance which can be effectively utilised for other IT investments

Hardware Maintenance Services

Virtuos offers a single source hardware maintenance service which has been specially designed to ensure that your multivendor environment operates at peak performance.

Managed Support Services

Businesses worldwide have benefitted immensely by employing Virtuos IT managed support services to ensure that their focus remains on core business objectives and not IT maintenance.

Multi Vendor Support Services

Virtuos can help eliminate the need for allocating heavy resources in-house for simply managing vendors by providing a single focal point of contact and a simplified yet comprehensive service contract which covers both, Virtuos as well as non-Virtuos products.

Software Support Services

robust IT infrastructure should not just focus on latest technological innovations in hardware but also in ensuring that they have a solid software maintenance support and applications are up to date and compatible with any IT upgrades.

Why Choose Virtuos?

At Virtuos we strive to provide our clients with absolute protection and peak performance even in a multivendor environment. We understand how critical IT asset management and software management is for organizations to ensure that systems run without any breakdown.

Virtuos comprehensive IT maintenance services have been designed keeping in mind the needs of Indian businesses, their need for flexible service level options and budgets. Our Maintenance and Technical Support solutions help businesses realize business value from their IT systems while reducing support costs.

Virtuos highly trained technical consultants are able to simplify even the most complex IT environments and minimise downtime and provide added protection against unplanned outages. Our team of highly trained support staff helps resolve any downtime or outage issues swiftly to keep productivity losses at their minimum level.

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