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Enterprise Tech Integration
Enterprise Tech Integration
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Does the left hand of your business know what the right hand is doing?
If your business is like many, the answer is no. You need to integrate all the silos of information and processes in your enterprise to quickly, easily get the big picture and operate more efficiently. And Virtuos Enterprise Technology Integration (ETI) Practice can help you do that.

Business Challenges

Enterprise Tech Integration

  • How can you choose technology that can readily integrate with your existing solution?
  • How can you unleash the most business value from technology integration?
  • How can you drive business growth and innovation by integrating these technologies?
  • What innovative sources of economic value are released from Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)?
  • What are the outcomes of integrated technologies?
  • How can you handle Cloud Services Integration and work with the complex cloud interoperability?
  • How can you improve your technology and the intersection with supported business processes?

Integration is a breeze with our Solutions

Virtuos provides Enterprise Technology Integration expertise to build programs for myriad integrations, including CRM and back-office applications to retrieve real-time sales, marketing and service information or CRM and front-office applications. We can also build Web-based portal applications, including customized Web-based applications using Active Server Pages, Java Server Pages or similar technology, and custom add-on modules to extend your CRM and Other Business applications functionality. You’ll get true real-time integration capabilities that go beyond simple data sharing and enable you to deploy end-to-end business processes across applications.

We also do Outlook integration as standard service offering to a variety of CRM applications to seamlessly mail merge and synchronize contacts and other profiles.

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