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RightNow,,Kana,Maximizer MicrosoftCustomizing your Business Application or upgrading the same to stay current with the latest technology is first and foremost thing to realize full potential and highest ROI. Virtuos has extensive experience in customizing & upgrading Enterprise Business Solutions from RightNow Technologies,, Microsoft Dynamics, Maximizer CRM and Kana Software.

Customizations are performed by our Certified Solution and Technology Consultants using either onshore, offshore and smarshore delivery methods.

Both complex customizations and simple configurations made within the Enterprise Business Applications can be upgraded using our One Step Upgrade and Relationware Integration methodologies without expensive and costly rework.

CRM & ERP Customizations: Our Strength

We are specialists in the following Customizations for leading CRM Applications from RightNow Technologies,, Microsoft Dynamics, Maximizer CRM and Kana Software.

  • Form & View Customizations
  • Workflow Customizations
  • Portal Customizations
  • Custom Objects
  • Entity Customizations
  • Form Scripting Customizations
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Transportable Customizations
  • Report Customizations
  • Metadata driven customizations
  • Security & Client Extension
  • Support Customizations


It is likely that we will use several of them in combination to create a solution to meet the business requirements. Having a good general understanding of the capabilities and limitations of each of these areas, Virtuos will help you make better choices in the customization strategies you wish to take.

CRM & ERP Upgrades: Our Strength

At Virtuos we perform in-depth planning before the upgrade to ensure that it goes smoothly and help you determine the advantages & benefits of the new version and the right time for your company to upgrade. After assessing the complexity of the customizations, size and number of databases, integration to other systems and hours when the system is available as well as other factors, Virtuos will detail out a Checklist for upgrade. Moreover, we have a robust upgrade methodology to ensure that the proper steps are followed and system downtime is minimized or eliminated.

Virtuos Application Upgrade Management (VAUM)

The Virtuos Application Upgrade Management (VAUM) is a part of Virtuos Application Services and Cloudle Computing practice. The VAUM components and methodologies allow the customer to choose the upgrade points consisting of pre-, post- and next upgrade checklist folders, and include checklist test points. VAUM methodology allows customers to access the core functionality test points to enable them to add custom folders and test points tailored around the application upgrade testing needs.

Key Components of Virtuos Application Upgrade Management (VAUM) services include:

  • Discovery session covering the latest release and benefits
  • Planning a risk management and Data management
  • Review of Customizations, Reports, and major integrations
  • Creating a test site with the few Proof of Concepts (POC)
  • Discussing the upgrade path by module
  • Scoping the SOW, and upgrade Schedule

To access VAUM for your on premise application, hosted application, or Applications provided by our Cloudle, you need to request an upgrade plan at and discuss with the VAUM specialists. To discuss further on our Application Upgrade or Hosted Application Upgrade for your RightNow CX,, Dynamics CRM, please discuss with our Professional Services teams.

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