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With our Social Collaboration Platforms, Virtuos helps you improve you sales and channel productivity with breakthrough results and right knowledge syndication.

Traditional CRM Systems with their hierarchy bottlenecks and workflows unfortunately cannot help the channel enablement, and even it's difficult to work with the corporate emails as they often get unnoticed in the crowded mailboxes. Some of the companies have reached to and out dated Intranets to share, collaborate and converge.

Virtuos Social xRM is the new way to empower your sales and channels by capitalizing on the following:

With the real time information assets flowing between your teams with complete security, you are helping your teams to work faster. Since your teams use the collaborative method, they never miss the essence of urgency, importance of servicing end customers speedily.

Since the Platform is built on knowledge syndication powered by Social communication tools, your sales and channel teams have all the fun and excitement sharing the information proactively. The real time alert systems, and announcements on the mobile and social channels help your teams perform at their peak levels.

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