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  • C-SAT

    Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is the traditional method for measuring how happy your customers are, in which, a respondent has to express his/her satisfaction for a certain topic on a score from 1-5.

  • Net Promoter Score

    NPS is a better predictor of customer behavior for a longer period of time and strongly correlated with measures of company growth and customer loyalty.

  • Customer Effort Score

    For calculating CES, the customer is asked how much effort he put into a certain interaction with the company. This indicates their sense of satisfaction with the company.

  • Word of Mouth Index

    WoMI is measured by asking the customers both about their willingness to encourage or discourage others from doing business with the company.

  • Brand Advocacy Index

    BAI is measured using a weighted calculation of spontaneous and nonspontaneous advocates, neutrals, non-spontaneous and spontaneous critics of a brand.

  • First Call Resolution Rates

    FCR rate is the percent of contacts that are resolved by the service desk on the first interaction with the customer before the customer hangs up.

The Measure of Customer Experience

How to measure Customer Experience in quantitative terms and map them for qualitative analysis?

The primary focus of all customer experience transformation initiatives are building Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advocacy. When measuring CX, organizations use a variety of common metrics - customer satisfaction and NPS being the most common. Virtuos introduces Indicial - the comprehensive portfolio of CX Metrics best suited for your industry along with high performance consulting services stack. Indicial CX Metrics Practice comes with toolkit, industry best advisory services and certified team specializing in C-SAT, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES) and host of other CX Metrics.

What is Indicial

It has been identified in various researches that creating individual customer perception "scores" offers interesting new additional insights for an organization, but calibrating the scores and recognizing how it is best used are still not well understood. This is where Indicial comes in.

Indicial focusses on the following- 1) Finding and implementing ways to capture Voice of Customer 2) Introduce key metrics for measuring customer experiences based on specific scenarios and 3) providing technology support to improve the experiences. Indicial helps your organization to run the complete program for capturing Voice of the customer and converting the same to meaningful customer experience metrics like C-SAT, NPS or CES and implement technologies for improving the experience of the customer.

Customer Satisfaction Scores

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First call resolution rates

Net Promoter Score

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