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  • AI and Analytics

    eCognitive is the state of art AI and Analytics Practice at Virtuos and a very important component of CXNow- The Virtuos CX Transformation Program.


    At Virtuos, we understand that CRM and CX can no longer survive without AI at the core and foundation. Now it's SMACKAI- Social - Mobile - Analytics - Cloud – Knowledge Management – AI.

  • Behaviors, preferences and values

    It is essential to study customer behavior, sentiments, preferences and values apart from the trends and case studies generally used by company’s marketing team.

  • Predict the Next Step

    Optimize customer touchpoints and outcomes to meet or exceed the evolving needs of connected customers by analyzing customer journey patterns and their challenges, thus, predicting, analyzing and interpreting their needs.

  • Smart Marketing

    Deliver cognitive technology that reasons, understands, learns and interacts guiding marketers in more informed and potentially groundbreaking directions.

  • Growth of AI

    Ever increasing computing power, integration with powerful experience management solutions and growth in Big Data have all contributed to the exponential growth of AI.


Economic Growth driven by Intelligent Process Automation

AI can refer to multiple technologies that work on the 3-step process of - Taking Inputs, Intelligent Analysis and Giving Output. It has been pointed out by global industry leaders that AI could double annual economic growth rates in 2035 by changing the nature of work and creating a new relationship between man and machine. This is primarily because AI systems can automatically work at significantly greater scale and speeds, with least amount of manual intervention and virtually no need of overseeing. For example, multiple proposal documents can be reviewed in just a matter of few minutes, rather than spending days and months. This is also accompanied by higher level of precision and adherence to compliance policies. AI enabled systems can even perform tasks which are beyond human capabilities.

AI Offerings from Virtuos

eCognitive is the state of the art AI and Analytics Practice at Virtuos and a very important component of CXNow- The Virtuos CX Transformation Program. Virtuos provides Behavioral Analytics and Predictive Analytics to develop real time customer engagement. The combination of Behavioral Analytics and Predictive modeling algorithms enables us to design the Customer Journey with an additional facet of determining "Next-Best-Step: for identified business moments. It also enables marketers to effectively engage the customer and provide best offers, sales personnel to cross-sell and up-sell services/products and customer services agents to manage their interactions and provide early resolutions to problems.

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