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  • Direct Feedback

    When feedback is given directly to the organization, typically in the form of a survey (solicited feedback) or complaint (unsolicited feedback), when the customer knows the organization is listening and potentially expects some response.

  • Indirect Feedback

    When the customer is speaking about the organization, but not necessarily to the organization. Social media is a key source of the indirect customer voice, but other communications — such as email, chat sessions and phone calls — can also qualify.

  • Inferred Feedback

    Refers to data associated with the experiences of a customer that can be used to glean insight into what a customer would say if asked. It spans all touchpoints — including web portal, contact center, network experience, application and service performance.


Listen to the voice of the customer (VoC) and refine the customer experience iteratively while managing solution complexity

VoCA solutions offered by Virtuos combine various sources of customer feedback. This includes the more traditional channels like transactional surveys to highly robust integrated platforms like the ones for Speech Analytics and Text Mining, which are used for capture, storage and analysis of direct, indirect and inferred customer feedbacks.

These solutions analyze customer journeys, understand customer sentiments and experiences, identify current issues and measure improvement in satisfaction, loyalty, brand advocacy and business outcomes.

Why is CustomerVoice Program relevant?

With the CustomerVoice services, Virtuos aims to combine customer feedback with other indirect and inferred data in a bid to measure improvement in satisfaction, loyalty, brand advocacy and business outcomes. In addition to this, Virtuos also has the expertise to create a centralized data hub that mines everything from customer tweets to Web interactions, surveys and telephonic interactions.

This enables the organization understand consumers’ level of satisfaction at different touchpoints and their motivations for engagement with the organization, in addition to analyzing buying patterns and preferences; capturing trends and social, political and environmental impacts on buying behaviors and discovering what customers say about competitors.

Customer's outlook

Prefer giving direct feedback

Dislike survey interference

Abandoned Survey

Spend ≻ 3 min on a survey
*Based on data collected by OpinionLab

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