Why Virtuos
Why Virtuos
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We are pleased our book influenced your thinking in a positive way. We have become real believers in the power of Virtuoso Teams, and We think that what you are doing is great and wish you all the best in your efforts.

Brief Background

Founded in 2008, Global HQ: San Jose USA. Combined Group Staff: 165+, Fastest Growing Group Rev: US$ 10 Million.

Our Customers appreciateour business model since we squarely focus on“Transaction Costs Economics” (TCE)

Key* Alliances in Solution Domain

OnPremise CRM

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • CRM Portals
  • Mobile CRM

Enterprise Feedback & Survey Solutions

  • EFM (Feedback)
  • Survey
  • Online
  • Community

OnPremise E-Service Suite

  • Service
  • Resolution Mgmt
  • Email Response
  • Chat Mgmt
  • Knowledge Mgmt
  • Web Self-Service
  • Contact Center

OnDemand CRM/E-Service Suite

  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Knowledge Mgmt
  • Chat & Email
  • Web Self-Service
  • Feedback
  • Contact Center

Few Flagship Customers

A Leading Bank
CRM implemented across Customer Service Organization in India.

A Fortune 50 Company
B2B CRM comprising Customer Service Marketing Sales implemented across many offices in India.

The No.1 Online Travel Agency in India
CRM implemented across Customer Service, Sales, Feedback, Contact center, WSS, KM in hundreds of offices in India

A top BPO in India
Service Resolution Mgmt Email Response implemented across Contact Centers in Philippines

A top Multi billion Dollar Gaming Company
CRM- Knowledge Management, Service Resolution, Email, Chat implemented

  • CustomerVoice Feedback
  • Community & Idea Forums
  • CloudVoice Social Monitoring
  • Apps for iPhone
  • Apps on force.com
  • Apps on Windows Azure
  • Apps for RightNow CX
  • Apps for MS Dynamics CRM
  • Apps on Social media Platform
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