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Virtuos team leaders stimulate idea flow: managing space, time and processes
Virtuos Team
"Virtuoso Teams differ from traditional teams along every dimension, from the way they recruit members to the way they enforce their processes and from the expectations they hold to the results they produce."
Venky Vijay
Principal Consultant

We, The Virtuos Team:

  • Fundamentally different from ordinary groups that most organizations form to pursue modest goals
  • Made up of elite experts in their own particular fields and specially convened for ambitious projects
  • Sports a Work style that has a frenetic rhythm
  • Emanate a discernible energy
  • Utterly unique in the ambitiousness of their goals, the intensity of their conversations, the degree of their esprit, and the extraordinary results they deliver
  • Consists of star performers who are handpicked to play specific, key roles
  • Intense and intimate and work best when forced to work in cramped spaces under strict time constraints
  • Leaders put a great premium on collaboration; not afraid to encourage creative confrontation to get it
  • Assume their clients are sophisticated and smart and so they don't cater to the stereotypical "average"

In Virtuos teams, leaders do more than span boundaries as a conduit for great ideas. That’s important, but the attention to ideas does not stop with their personal behaviour. We have found that leaders stimulate idea flow as a source of team advantage. To get moving, they pull several levers that they have at their disposal; the physical space, processes, and time.

Virtuos teams draw strength from the intensity and closeness of the work. Ideas, feelings, and actions become a cauldron of excitement. Energy is created and not diminished as is so often the case in traditional team meetings.

At Virtuos, we have formed these formidable strengths by taking team members out of their comfort zones, physically, to moving them into their collective creative zone. To lead a Virtuos team is an exercise in the choreography of idea flow, bringing together space, time and talent to create a breakthrough.

Virtuos teams thrive on experimentation through proofing and prototyping. Insisting on a fast-paced style of “idea testing and learning”, Virtuos teams create prototype after prototype in order to test the ideas that are new, bold and daring. Explore what our Experiential Marketing and innovative CX Outsourcing to quote as an example.



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