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Virtuos maintains the highest level of integrity, honesty and transparency in its operations, and complies with the laws prevailing in the regions we operate. We practice and preach fair code of conduct in all our dealings with employees, customers, and partners.

Virtuos has received its first seed capital from Business 3.0, an incubation and seed capital arm of Tekcorp. Virtuos is profitable and debt free company. Virtuos is looking forward to raise second round of capital at premium sometime in the future to expand its operations in other parts of North America, Europe and APAC including Australia.

As of April 2011, Virtuos Corporation has moved its Corporate Headquarters to San Jose, California while pursuing operations in other countries including India where we have Development & Excellence Centers.

The future plans of Virtuos include an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the US Market. Currently we are pursuing few acquisitions in US, and Europe to augment our Professional Services and Consulting Business.

Governance and Code of Conduct

The Corporate Governance Committee (CGC) has enacted Ricochet Corporate Mission and Corporate Values & Code of Conduct that applies to all Virtuos employees (including our chief executive officer and other key CXO level Executives), directors and heads of other business divisions. Additionally, the Corporate Governance Committee (CGC) has established procedures to encourage people in the company to report possible violations of the ethics code and possible instances of improper financial irregularities to the committee.

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