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Virtuos - We Are The Experience Business

We Are The Experience Business

We assembled some of the top performing teams and formed Virtuos with clear intent of delivering truly outstanding customer moments and experiences.

We are the "Experience Consultancy".

While Virtuos success is the collective contribution of every star member at the company, we wouldn't be nearly as fastest growing and successful without the leadership, guidance and innovation from our executive team.

Experience Edge

Virtuoso Talent

Top-notch Alliances

Who We Are

We are a Company with a team that has the explicit mission to change the world—big change, big objectives, a brand-new system never done before. And we [the team is] are composed of the very best talent obtainable, role by role: a team of superstars. Born in the cloud and grew social becoming the leading and specialized Customer Experience (CX) Consulting Company.

Virtuos delivers industry-specific counsel and integrated, end-to-end solutions that support its customers' strategic, operational, and financial goals. Uniquely differentiated around CRM, CX, Digital Marketing and Customer Models.

CRM Consulting

Customer Journey Mapping

Business Outcome Models

Customer Experience

Meet Our Team

Virtuos - Venky Vijay
Venky Vijay

Leading Virtuos as CEO, Venky drives change inside and outside the team by stimulating idea flow and managing space, time, and processes.

Virtuos - Shaloo Reddi
Shaloo Reddi

Shaloo brings unparalleled people-centric equation that drives Virtuos boldly into the future. She also heads Giftcart.com

Virtuos - Kristina Hermanns
Kristina Hermanns

Kristina manages the client engagements, handles the solution design by interacting with key executives, and decision makers.

Virtuos - Amarinder Singh
Amarinder Singh

Ams heads Consultare CX Professional Services, and brings 8+ years of rich experience implementing few dozens of projects.

What We Do?

At Virtuos, we offer solutions and proven, best practice-based experience edge. In essence, Virtuos accelerates your time-to-value in implementing CRM And Customer Experience (CX).

We deliver Customer value first. As an experience business serving diverse verticals Virtuos developed deep expertise in Customer Journey Mapping, CX Audit, Loyalty and Predictive CX Analytics.

X: The Experience when business meets Design. Virtuos Teams bring innovation in products, services, experiences and beyond. Our C.Digital CX Journey leverages ethnographic tools, value chain analysis, mind mapping while we engage with brands. The future of experience lies in architecture and we are your experience architects.

Experience Edge

  • Leading CX and CRM Consulting Practice
  • Strategic Alliances with leading Tech brands
  • Certified and Experienced Consultants
  • Next generation Digital Century Business
  • Highly Ethical and Strong Corporate Governance
  • Customer at heart philosophy driving growth

Our Customers

At Virtuos, we believe that customers want more, not less and that they can appreciate the richness of an aggrandized proposition and our deep expertise in most modern Experience Business".

Virtuos delivers solutions that are consistent with this higher perception. The vision of the demanding customer becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy redefining expectations and transforming business models.

Office Locations

  • Virtuos Solutions
  •   San Francisco USA
        Gurgaon India
  •   US Phone : +1 (415) 799 9188
        APAC (IN) : +91 (124) 498 5500

About Virtuos

Virtuos is in the business of creating success story by redefining how experiences can be transformed across brand, digital and commerce. As an Experience Consultancy, Virtuos offers broad range of services, platforms and ecosystems around CX, Digital Workplace and Digital Marketing.

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