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Virtuos Referral Partnerships offer handsome margins, and special incentives for your employees for every deal. Ideally you should be in the business of selling professional services, solutions, or IT infrastructure networking or computing solutions.

Work with the Next Generation Consulting Specialist

If you’re already engaged in selling Business Technology and Enterprise Solutions - BI & Analytics, CRM, Portals & Content Management, BPM and ERP Solutions, work with Virtuos by partnering with our ecosystem so that you can start earning referral payouts right away.

If you happen to be in the business of selling or supporting other IT Products and Services, still you can consider our Referral Program to be a great option to position our value offerings.

What is Virtuos Referral Partnership?

Simply introduce or recommend our host of Business Technology and Enterprise Solutions including CX Outsourcing Services to one of your existing customer in your home country or outside your home country where you may have sold few of your products or services, and contact Partner Manager or Product Marketing Consultant to earn 5% to 20% of the total deal size (including our Professional Services).

If you have not sold any of your products or services, but you are in the process of selling them yet you can contact our Partner Management for complementing your offerings.

You simply smell the deal, and intimate our partner manager, and we will take care of the rest.

We are professional, and you have a great deal

Virtuos manages all the referral partnerships as if you are part of our family and we respect your customer relationships and never ever attempt to contact your customer without your consent. You will experience complete transparency and receive up-to-date information from our account managers and direct sales team on the sales stages of your enquiry/lead.

Cloud computing and SaaS based solutions and our cutting edge Customer Experience Management Solutions are witnessing consistent growth, and the market is full of opportunities. Already this business is multi-billion opportunity, and you have a great deal.

Get sales and product training from Virtuos

Virtuos University and our Sales consulting & Professional Services teams offer unmatched blend of training to help you sell our products and solution led services into your customers or prospects. As a Referral Partner, you have access to the training material, and information on the competition and our sales material to position our product offerings in the meaningful and right direction. Armed with huge repository of knowledge, and our deep experience, you will have a professional help all the time during the introductory stage to engaging with your customer or prospect for clinching your sales deal.

Differentiated Virtuos Solutions & Offerings

Virtuos offers industry's only leading business solutions and CX outsourcing services by managing technology agnostic and vendor agnostic approach so that you can align with your customer or prospect with the right and best fit solution. We don’t force our offerings to the customers unless it's a right fit meeting the actual business and technology requirements of your customer/prospect.

Earn and build professional services expertise

After starting as a Referral Partner with the evidence of business income you can graduate to the next level and grow your business. If you have the right resources to deliver implementation, integration, and custom application services that leverage the cutting edge business solutions and cloud-computing technologies when you upgrade your Referral Partnership to Business Partnership.

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