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Virtuos guides the program participants with the calendar of certification exams conducted by Virtuos or by technology providers/members — Microsoft, RightNow Technologies, Kana Software, and Maximizer Software from time to time. All the program participants need to attend these examinations at their own cost, and Virtuos does not make any express promises that you will be certified on these programs.

The following certifications are provided by Virtuos Corporation based on the examinations conducted by us, and cannot be used as substitute for the certifications provided by technology providers/members as mentioned above.

  • CRM Professional Certification in Microsoft Dynamics,, RightNow CX, and Maximizer CRM
  • CRM Customization Certification in, Microsoft Dynamics, Maximizer CRM and RightNow CX
  • Social Media Professional Certification in Platforming, Monitoring and Marketing
  • Service Experience Certification in Kana Software
  • Customer Experience Certification in RightNow Technologies
  • Contact Center Professional Certification from RightNow Technologies, and/or Kana Software
  • Social and Community Certification in, RightNow Technologies
  • Digital Marketing Professional Certification
  • Custom training and certification programs
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