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At Virtuos, we believe that customers want more, not less and that they can appreciate the richness of an aggrandized proposition

Virtuos delivers solutions that are consistent with this higher perception. The vision of the demanding customer becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, for while competitors create diminished offerings for their clients, Virtuos redefines taste and expectations and raise the level of market acceptability.

Virtuos undertakes every project as challenging to deliver high performance by offering leading edge technologies from our partners.

See some of our/our partners' featured customers case studies boosts customer satisfaction, implement robust customer care to support brand development efforts and renew focus on boosting ticket sales.
AT and T
A customer since 2003, AT and T originally acquired KANA IQ for agent scripting while then separate company SBC adopted InQuira for self-service.
Bank of America
B of A has an unintegrated implementation of Agent IQ and Response. They use LivePerson for Chat. 95% of their emails are secure. They have a robust archiving strategy. They keep 3 months of emails in response, and 5 years worth of data in their archives.
Best Buy
KANA Solution (Agent IQ in Managed Services) 5 knowledgebases used by 1100+ agents 40% reduction in customer call mis-routes 30-day warranty support for home entertainment products saw 40% reduction in warranty truck rolls within first month of KANA knowledge deployment
Carphone Warehouse
KANA Solution (Agent IQ , Response) KM deployed in 3 business areas for 6 brands, across 3 continents for call centers, stores and self service 5,000+ users 89% first time fix 39% improvement in productivity
JP Morgan Chase is constantly adding new lines of business (ex student credit cards, student loan programs) that have to be supported by email. Every time a new LOB is introduced, new rules and queues are written to handle the effective routing of this content. They have 2000 queues, thousands of rules and categories.
City of Amsterdam
The City selected KANAs integrated multi-channel solutions to help it realize this vision. A combined implementation of KANA Contact Center, KANA IQ and KANA Response provides integrated phone, email and Web self-service assistance that has made it much easier for residents to find information about services including taxation, social services, passports, marriage and driving licenses.
Digital Credit Unit
DCU has strong e-service support for members, and members expect email and chat support. They have 50 call center agents dedicated to the email/chat channels. These agents are blended agents, and their top tier agents are assigned to email. They currently use KANA Response for email. They also were using eGain's ondemand chat solution which they are paying $70K per year for. Prior to KANA ResponseLive, they were using eGain chat. They were offering cobrowse and proactive chat, but found little need for these services. They have scaled back their chat offerings to reactive chat. They process between 4500-6000 chats per month. The business problem from an agent standpoint was to be able to offer a unified email/chat interface for agents for efficiencies of service as well as decreased training times.
Brighthouse has no statistics yet regarding the ROI of their chat implementation as they have just gone live in June 2008. However, they point to chat as a true customer service differentiator as very few telecom companies offer chat as a communication channel. Chat is offered on every single "contact us" page at Brighthouse, and they have seen an instantaneous uptake in this channel. In addition Response superseded Outlook as their ERMS tool. Response offers true reporting and SLA management through the statistics window which gives supervisors the ability to monitor the productivity of their agent community.
KANA enabled Elkjop to use an augmentation strategy around their POS as opposed to having to replace or try to update the POS system. This proved less costly and lowered the impact on transactions as they did not have to take the transactions system down for a replacement or upgrade. With KANA Contact Center, Elkjop can deliver faster, higher quality service because agents can easily find a single, unified customer record, use a complete and correct order history during the service call and effectively manage cases. Elkjop has millions of customer in KANA Contact Center, which makes this project potentially the largest deployment of Contact Center worldwide.
JetBlue promotes the message that the company "exists to provide superior service in every aspect of its customers' air travel experience." However, as the company continued to expand the customer base, the number of inquiries the airline received grew exponentially as well. JetBlue's standard of service became more and more difficult to maintain. As employing thousands more contact center agents was not a viable option, JetBlue decided that it needed to help its customers help themselves. Having implemented KANA Response in 2000 with notable success (a 77 percent accuracy rate in addressing its customers' needs in real time), the airline decided on KANA IQ to enable it to reach this goal.
Kaiser Permanente
Henry Kaiser's revolutionary ideas about health care helped give birth to Kaiser Permanente. Learn how we became one of America's leading health care organizations, delivering quality care to more than 8 million members. Online services supported by KANA: Appointment requests Pharmacist info requests Member Service contacts ID card requests Member demographic change requests Health plan membership enrollment & changes Physician selection requests Requests for health plan info Account manager contacts Account management changes Web site support and feedback
Palm evaluated all major knowledge vendors before selecting KANA IQ based on its proven scalability, simplicity of use and its sophisticated trouble-shooting capabilities. Activity and feedback are monitored from all use-points- agents on telephone support, agents responding to customer e-mails and customer self-service on
Sprint primary challenges are three-fold: Complex product/service combinations in a highly competitive market.One size does not fit all customer service needs. It was calculated that KANA IQ Knowledge Management cost Sprint less than 25 cents per customer per year.
Staples needed to provide a scalable, flexible and well-supported solution for e-mail management to enhance service excellence worldwide. KANA Response implementation has led to an increase in customer satisfaction based on meeting SLAs that are in line with customer demand
T-Mobile Needed to implement an ERMS tool that would scale to millions emails/month and be used by >5000 agents. KANA Response allowed TMobile to support more concurrent users than ECHO - allowed operations to increase headcount by 64 FTE.
Kristen Parks, Customer Care Manager from Photoworks says: We basically post chat all over our site, especially in the order creation pages for our products. Our goal is to give a customer an easy way to contact us without leaving the order pages. It has been very successful, especially in our photobooks which take the longest to create.
Redcats wanted Implement a solution for automating and streamlining email responses. KANA Response helps in Use of forms, queues and rules allows for an 80% autosuggest rate and 30% autoresponse rate which is one of the highest in ERMS deployments .
Sears attributes the success of its unified contact center to several key factors. First, working closely with KANA, Sears designed the system for usability to make sure the interfaces are intuitive, which helps to reduce agent training times. Second, the built-in automated workflow parallels the existing process flows which agents must follow to answer a customer question, reducing implementation time. Finally, Sears heavily leveraged their agent community to define and refine critical functionality in the application. The benefits of the KANA-powered solution have been impressive. Since rollout in August 2007, the unified contact center desktop has led to a 50% reduction in training time, a 15% drop in call-handle time and a 10% drop in errors when fulfilling customer requests. In addition, agent turnover is less than 50%, which compares favorably to the industry average of 140%.
Starwood Hotels
Starwood chose KANA for their email, chat and knowledge management solution in January 2007, beating out eGain, ATG and Echomail. The reason Starwood chose KANA was because of their need to purchase all solutions from a single vendor, because of KANA referenceable accounts and KANA overall reputation in the marketplace. Peter Atkinson, Director of Global eCustomer Care, said that he talked to many KANA customers during the evaluation who conveyed to him that KANA solution was robust, scalable and dependable.
Xerox wants to maintain customer satisfaction while reducing support costs. Must deflect calls from high cost call center. KANA Solution - Agent IQ / Customer IQ / Response improved agent productivity over 50% for email, drastically reducing queue times, and directly impacting customer satisfaction
MakeMyTrip boosts customer satisfaction by implementing robust customer experience solution to support more than a million happy customers across multi-channels and manage strong growth.
Download is a shoppers favourite online shopping destination. went live in 2007 with the objective of making books easily available to anyone who had internet access. Today, they are present across various categories including movies, music, games, mobiles, cameras, computers, healthcare and personal products and other products.
Fundtech is a leading provider of financial technology to banks and corporations in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. Founded in 1993, it was acquired by GTCR, a Chicago based leading private quity firm. The company develops transaction banking systems that it offers as either a software license or software as service(SaaS).
Head of Technology, Standard Chartered
Virtuos  With KANA solutions, we are able to meet the challenge of providing the best experience for our customers.
- Head of Technology , Standard Chartered
Head of Projects, PartyGaming
Virtuos  Virtuos Solutions have done a commendable job. Knowledge and experience with Kana modules enabled you to complement the rest of the project team well.
- Head of Projects , PartyGaming
VP Technology, SutherLand
Virtuos  Virtuos has implemented Solution and supported very well. We are on our third year of Renewal with them being a happy customer.
- VP Technology , SutherLand
Chief Technology Officer,
Virtuos  RightNow CRM implemented by Virtuos has helped us in managing our Customer Experiences better. Virtuos Team has a great attitude.
- Chief Technology Officer ,
VP Technology,
Virtuos  If we had taken a decision in favor of RightNow, its because of exceptional Consulting Approach that Venky and Virtuos offered for
- VP Technology ,
Product Manager,
Virtuos  I would like to take this moment to congratulate and thank entire Virtuos Team. Our special thanks to Amarinder: 1) For technically leading this project from Virtuos end. 2) Demonstrating extreme customer focus and understanding business criticality in many occasions.
- Product Manager ,
Citi Bank
New Zealand Post Fundtech
Aromco Ltd. GE Healthcare
Singapore Institute of Management Canon
National University of Singapore


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