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  • AI and Machine Learning

    Predict customer intent based on customer activity, our unique Intent Tags or enterprise data and provide the next-best action in any channel.

  • Virtual Agent/Chatbots

    Natural language technology provides conversational experiences for chatbots as well as speech that’s powered by Microsoft’s most advanced DNN TECHNOLOGY.

  • Predictive Chat

    Leverage predictive models that anticipate a customer's true intent and determine in real time who to engage, when to engage, and what to recommend.

  • Unique Channel Orchestration

    Combine channels or shift customers from one channel to another to drive more meaningful experiences to help customers get things done.

  • Personalization

    Discover customer personas and understand what customers want. Offer the ads that customers will engage. [24]7 develops ad elements for consumer personas and then uses predictive models to make a real-time selection of ads.

CX Transformation using Verint Ecosystem

CX Transformation using products offered by [24]7

[24]7 is a Global Leader in Customer Experience Solutions and is redefining the way companies interact with consumers. Virtuos has partnered with [24]7 as a part of its B3O operations which works on defined business outcomes for an organization by introducing technology and consulting services.

The predictive chat solution maximizes online revenues by targeting and engaging the right customers at the right moment using intent-driven prediction backed with a strong AI and Machine learning platform.

Virtuos leverages the best in the industry technology provided by [24]7 to define Customer Personas, define actionables for each identified business moment and automating the next-best-step which redefines the CX journey.

Our Service Offerings

  • Outcome based models for achieving defined business objectives specific to the industry like reducing Cart Abandonment rate for E-Commerce organizations and increasing revenue through online transactions for Retail and Insurance by identifying upsell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Virtuos has an integrated solution for Student Success Management where we assist Universities in reducing the student drop-out rates by identifying the key reasons for drop-outs and leverage the predictive analytics capability of [24]7 to highlight “at-risk” students
  • Cross-channel orchestration which enables Combining channels or shifting customers from one channel to another to drive more meaningful experiences to help customers get things done without losing the context or re-entering any details
  • Virtual Agents/Chatbots for providing natural, conversational support for complex queries and personalized transactions, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning

Office Locations

  • Virtuos Solutions
  •   San Francisco USA
        Gurgaon India
  •   US Phone : +1 (415) 799 9188
        APAC (IN) : +91 (124) 498 5500

About Virtuos

Virtuos is in the business of creating success story by redefining how experiences can be transformed across brand, digital and commerce. As an Experience Consultancy, Virtuos offers broad range of services, platforms and ecosystems around CX, Digital Workplace and Digital Marketing.

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